When will you say "yes" to your live-in partner?

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December 13, 2008 2:33pm CST
Me and my beau have been together in a total of 9 years. In our 5th year, I got pregnant and we decided to live in one roof. I never had a boyfriend except him. I say that he has been a good friend of mine, a good father to our daughter and a good partner as well. We never had fights before we decided to live in the same house. However for 3 years that we're living in, we have a lot of fights which include simple things like our way of celebrating occasions, limitations of expenses. etc. Well we ended up saying sorry -- but I am confused now to whether accept his proposal or not. Some advice please. Many thanks
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13 Dec 08
Relationships are tough!! They are alot of work. You both have to compromise as you both have different ways of doing things, but thats what makes a realationship so neat. Fighting usually brings you closer. If you are living together, try to make things work, but if your always fighting and can't get along, don't tie the knot because there is alot more red tape to deal with if it doesn't work out in the end. You also have to take into consideration your daughter, and if she sees you guys fighting and arrguing that is not a good environment for her to grow up in. Don't make a decision based off of emotions. Really think things though. Make a list of pro's and con's of getting married and see what you get. Sometimes mapping things out really helps when you need to make a decision. Whatever you decide I hope things work out for you and that you will be happy!!! Shihtzumama
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13 Dec 08
Wow thanks I appreciate it. I do hope things will work out. My daughter's kind of smart and she knows that we're not married and so at times she tells us to tie the knot coz she wants to be the flower girl, lol. good day
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13 Dec 08
Your welcome ~ Make smart decisions not based off of your emotions!!!! Hope that it works out for all of you !! Shihtzumama
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24 Apr 09
The minute you start living together (in like all cases) fights start to happen, you become 1. You share everything. Of course their is going to be fights, it's only natural. When you were 'dating' you got the time away from each other, but now you have to make time for yourself. This is important and he will understand, every person needs time to themselves. It took awhile for my partner to understand this, but now that I take a hour a couple times a week to myself I am much happier and the fighting is not happening as much. I take time for myself by going to the gym 5 days a week because this is what I enjoy doing. People will say well life is to busy I can't do that I always have other things to do. As this is true with everyone, what's life without loving yourself? The most important thing is you love him, he's your best friend and a wonderful father, you stated that yourself in your discussion, so he should understand! Try it!
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20 Mar 09
You have been with the man for 9 years, 3 of which y ou have been living together and you have a child. Everyone will have arguements in their relationships and that would never change. I think after being together for 9 years that says something I would accept his proposal and would wonder why it took so long LOL.