is Jesus a socialist???

@garmac (57)
December 13, 2008 6:25pm CST
did u everr think that while most christians embrace democracy, Jesus's teaching may lean more to socialism and mayb cummunist. u dont need to be a bible scholar to known His teaching calls for wealth sharinng, if u dont need both thenn give up one, the bible even says He fed 5000 with one persons meal (5 loaves, 2 fish) now isn't that one man controlling a whole population. He encourages working to build the Church same as how cummunist calls for working to build the State. wat do u think???
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@chaijudin (506)
• Indonesia
14 Dec 08
Jesus? for me He is a great person , and God to i trust him, and He is different , hard to say He can know the situation , and He know what to do before it happen He know what he doing , like he have ESP but not that The charisma inside Him , no one can follow The main point is He is not from this world , and i beliave that He has His own system that totaly different from world He is not socialist only or cumunist only , He have All and He can choose what He want , maybe like this , but once again nobody can understand Jesus , Father , Holy spirit(Trinity) 100% , we can,t reach his mind , because God way different from Human way
@benhilo (871)
• Tripoli, Libya
14 Dec 08
Why do we need to tag, label or judge things we fully dont understand?