i want to know who is currently or will be in the future a drag racer

United States
December 13, 2008 8:08pm CST
well i was bored so i thought id just post for a bit. right now i am planning to go for an nhra drag racing license cause there is a drag strip in a nearby town and racing has always been a lifelong dream for me. i am a huge car fanatic and love to go fast and have fun driving which is 1 of the reasons alot of people are scared to get in the car with me (i usually obey speed limits but i accelerate from stop lights and stop signs rather fast but then again i accelerate fast all the time and i have hit over 100 mph in my car on the highway a few times although i was driving my car illegally it was not insured nor were the penalties on it after i bought it were paid off) plus a friend of my families had a son that was racing in the nhra and from what i hear of his expeirence he has 80 grand in his bank account and a few nice trucks worth over 100 grand. but its not all about the big money that is just a nice perk to it i just love driving and what i love more than driving is driving fast and untamed with little to no speed limitations. it is a great thrill and really gets the addrenaline pumping plus that feeling of power that you own the road is also great. who else either is a drag racer or is a possible future drag racer id like to hear your opinions and thoughts on drag racing.
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