On Teachers who are brutal to hit the children

@mookhor (304)
December 13, 2008 9:36pm CST
In the profession of a teacher a good number of intruders one may find. Those elements may have any different profession and they may suit there according to their choice and ability and in that way they can contribute something to their nation or to their people. For example,they may join in the army. Or, at least they may try their fortune as a boxing player or a rugby player. All these have been told with an eye to those fellows who are in the profession of the teacher either by mistake or for any other reason and who are devoid of love and compassion in the heart. All these have been told for those teachers who hit the little angels, children I mean, mercilessly and this is a part of their habit.They are the agents who still hold high the idea of corporal punishment in the schools. Yes, almost on every occasion or obviously on every occasion they are spared. They are spared as they serve for the power-center of the society openly or covertly. Will anyone raise his/her voice to state if they should be punished or not, and again, what sort of punishment they should be given ? Should they not be sacked immediately or taken to the custody? I also want to know if any of my mylot friends do favor such species still accepted as teachers and I want to know the reason to favor them.
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14 Dec 08
Corporal Punishment in my opinion, is necessary in some circumstances. But only when absolutely necessary. And i think in order to do it, parents must sign forms consenting it.