How much is your Conscience worth?

@stiener (735)
December 14, 2008 2:05am CST
Hi MyLottians, By definition cited from Wikipedia, "Conscience" is the ability or faculty that distinguishes whether one's actions are right or wrong. Without the presense of Conscience, one may be struggling to make decisions, sometimes it draws the line between life or death. Have you ever though of selling your conscience? The worth may not be of direct monetary returns. Conscience may be given up in return of anything valued by the owner. In different situation, the value of conscience may fluctuate. In unlawful places, people may just kill for a piece of bread. Their conscience has been used to exchange for that single piece of bread. While in some places, it may take millions of dollars to make a person act against his conscience. Many others remain resolute to uphole his integrity and suppress his wants. Doing what is right or wrong is a subjective issue. To people who fought the war and took the lives of their enemies may suffer from guilt and trauma for killing people but their act may be crucial in protecting the lives of many other civilians. Now, think about yourself in various situations and if you can only make one choice, is it "Conscience" or your "Wants". What is that "Want" that will make you act against your conscience? Do share your comments or any other cases that you have seen in life.
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