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December 14, 2008 4:37am CST
Today I happened to meet my one-time student a girl/woman in her early twenties. Our meeting today was by chance, unforeseen. She was looking for a cook, a chef for their home, as her mother has a debilitating ailment which makes it difficult for her to do household chores, what to speak of cooking in the kitchen. I suggested to her that she wasn't looking in the right place for a cook, for that was a religious assembly, where even if one found cooks, they would be doing that service on commercial terms and not as a domestic help. There was once a time in India, when she was poor and cooking at somebody's palce was one good option for a destitute. Today with rising incomes it is increasingly becoming impossible to find such people. What do you feel is the solutions to such problems as these?
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@inder86 (565)
• Gibraltar
14 Dec 08
first is the same one , find a cook, second is to order from outside. third is look for a neighbour who is ready to cook for them too. or even you can too help them out. and on rising income , i will say" every body has the right to live luxuries life. we can't hold one back in order we need them to work under us. there are many other way to solve this problem. many has business on this problem . they serve food to many houses and offices ." have a nice day.
• India
14 Dec 08
Thanks Inder86, for responding to my discussion. This is a peculiar situation. The people who are looking for a cook are a little old. A few years back they would have happily found someone. They would never have attempted to have one had it not been that they could afford to employ one even though they are middle class people. The rich guys employ why one but a group of 'em if only the TV Serials(Soaps) were an indication. This is a genuine requirement. May be catering is an alternative. That of course can be examined.