Chinese-style block

December 14, 2008 5:40am CST
"Guns N' Roses. The latest album cover image is placed on the back seat of a bicycle basket against the old walls and graffiti above "GUNS N' ROSES"; "Chinese-style democracy." China said the ruling means or by "force" and "information blockade." This is the 'guns and roses' has been separated from the original album in 17 years. It is China's most influential rock fans of the band. This album can be seen as the soul of the band Ross's personal album. Some critics say the album is to excel and self-isolation,persecution was mad,self-abusive,arrogant,and so on imaginary state of mind of Popi talk,he used this album as well as the name itself as a "specimen characters".There is no specific to China and that he did not think this is just malicious particularly accurate analogy only. The album then spread quickly in China. The Chinese Government Sensitive nerve was touched on this albu. Been banned in China and even the lyrics can not be found on the Internet.
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