On India and Pakistan- Think carefully

@davido (1623)
December 14, 2008 7:44am CST
Yes I think they should think carefully about the situation on ground. What happened to India was bad I was in India a day earleir the killing occur on my way to Malaysia. You see people in their right sence will not do such and if they do such it is for a purpose -a selfish purpose. If India and Pakistan who is been accused of harbouring this militia on their part get aggressive with each other and war broke out then that means the wishes of the bad people that mastermind the attack on India using Pakistan as a base (or not) might have been achieved. I am sure some insiders too have hand in it from both countries and government. I may be wrong but I still think both countries should exercise restrain of not going to war with each other. Let me know your view pls.
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