Students on student visa in overseas.

December 14, 2008 9:03am CST
Hi my lot discussion on students on student visa in other country. well i am in australia so i want to talk about australia. well after my bachlor degree me and my friends decides to do master in australian university. so we start searching for that and we applied for student visa and we got it(some of us)and we take flight together and came to australia for study. we think that we will earn and learn but after coming here some of my friend having some trouble. They did not do any work back in home country so they dont like to go for work 8 or 9 hours a day, come back home, cook, study, assignment, etc. so they decide to go back. after some time i adjust in the australian environment but my friends did not and they went back with huge financial loss. so there you can see some of the good and bad part of studying in foreign country. well this is my first discussion so i am sorry if i made some where mistake and my english is not that good so sorry again. i hope some of you have friends who were or are on student visa so just share you viwe................... thanks
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• China
14 Dec 08
hi,i'm also a student ,but not in visa. first,comparing with us,i think you are lucky,you can enjoy your life there in many ways. for exemple,make as many friends as you can,learn much more knowlage as you can.there are so many students in our country want have the oppritunity to go abord to study,but,you have had enjoy it,just enjoy.
• Australia
15 Dec 08
you are right we can learn as much as we want and make as many friends as we can. but everything is not easy here thats the big problem here. to survive in foreign country is very big deal. u have to work, you have to earn, you have to study and i think it is very big financial burden on us but after finishing study it come to balance everthing which i hope in my case as well. thanks for your response have fun......................