Wii newbie question about controllers and gadgets

December 14, 2008 10:16pm CST
There are so many different gadgets and controllers for the wii that it confuses me. I picked up a system as a Christmas gift. My question is if for example if you want to play a 4 player game of golf, driving etc... Would that mean I need to buy 4 driving wheels and 4 golf clubs or do you just pass the things around. Same with the nunchuk thing whatever that is for? Do you recommend getting the classic controller? I'm so puzzled about a video game, how shameful. Technology has changed so much overtime I'm straddling behind. If there are any must have gadgets or accessories for the wii please mention them, thanks!
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@Caugh56 (58)
• United States
9 Jan 09
You don't need the accessories if you don't want them. You just need the actualy controllers for the games. The driving games I would recommend the wheels. It makes it easier to play and those you can get cheap on e-bay. Also for the golf and tennis honestly you don't need the attachments. They really just sell them to make extra money. If you want four people you'll have to buy at least the controllers and nunchucks if you want to play with the sensor that is wireless. The old controller I believe you plug in and that you don't have the sensor effect. IT's just like the old fashion nintendo.
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@Cannonball (3634)
• France
15 Dec 08
wiimote  - wiimote
Wii gadgets and mote are actually kind of simple. If you wanna play a game with 4 person, let's say Mario Kart you will need at least 4 Wii mote and if some of the gamers want to put the Wii mote in a Wheel then you'll need a Wheel for each gamer who want it. Some games use to Nunchuck and if you wanna for example play box with 2 person then you will need 2 Wii mote and 2 Nunchuck. I bought my Wii few days ago and I am SO excited about it, especially since I connected it to the internt today, can play with the whole world, even with you