Did you ever have a strange feeling that something was about to happen?

United States
December 15, 2008 6:47am CST
This is what happened this past weekend: My wife, her sister, nephew, and myself drove to Phoenix to do some shopping. Later that night we were returning home, using a state route that is a short-cut between I-10 and I-8. Turning down the road, I found that I was behind four other vehicles which all were traveling rather slowly, below the speed limit. While I am not a "speed demon" I do prefer to drive about 5 to 10 mph above the speed limit on lightly travelled roads. After a couple of miles, two of the cars turned off the road, but the other two cars still travelled below the speed limit, which I found frustrating. Normally I would have passed them and sped on. And although I was rather miffed, I resigned myself to driving slowly, as there were on-coming traffic, more so that usual. I also had a strange feeling that I should not speed down that road that night. After driving another 15 miles, we drove upon a one-car accident. The car was flipped over, resting on its top. The three people were able to get out of the car without any serious injuries - just a few scrapes, scratches, and bruises. I stopped to make sure everyone was OK and everyone got out of the car. Another man also stopped to make sure everyone was OK. Shortly we found out that no one had called the authorities, so my sister-in-law used her cell phone to call 911. We were told it would be awhile before a patrolman could get there, so we stayed with the young people. It was windy that night and the temperature was 57 degrees F. So it was rather chilly. The young people from the car - two guys and a girl - were lightly clothed and getting cold. My wife brought out a quiltted throw blank and gave to the woman. I had an old denim jacket in the trunk, so I got that out and gave to one of the guys, The other man got out a light jacket for the other guy. After an hour, a patrolman arrived and started his investigation. Turns out that the driver was going too fast for the curve, lost control, hit the embankment on the opposite side of the road from the direction he was traveling, and flipped the car onto its top. Since the patrolman was there, we left. Later, I realized that the accident had happened only moments before I arrived. If I had been traveling like I usually do, I would have been there right at the time of the accident, and very likely would have been at the same spot on the road when the other car would have crossed over into our lane of traffic, causing a head-on collision as we were traveling in the opposite direction as they were. Have you ever had that strange feeling that something was about to happen? And what did you do about it?
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@Ritz100 (1119)
• Spain
15 Dec 08
Living in Spain, and having resided up the mountains and worked on the coast, every single journey up that winding road would prove my instincts right. I just knew when something was coming in the other direction around a blind corner and would act accordingly, ie pull over until it appeared and passed me by. I learned more about instinct in those two years than at any other time of my life.
• United States
16 Dec 08
Good to know you learned to listen to your instincts! That's what I need to do! Maybe it would keep out of trouble! :) Thanks for your response.
• Philippines
15 Dec 08
that is what u call instinct. u must listened to ur instinct everytime u feel it, cause i experienced that also. a lot of times. at first i ignored it but when i realized that i should trust my instinct the events that will might happened was i already avoid to happened due to trust to my instinct.
• United States
15 Dec 08
I am beginning to learn to listen to that little voice. Thank yur for your response.