Church a safe haven for illegal immigrants?

United States
December 15, 2008 9:46am CST
I had read in the paper that several churches (One in NY, another in LA and some others) in the US are offering their buildings as a safe haven for illegal immigrants who are at risk for deportation. They hope officials won't arrest the immigrants if they are in a church; and if they are arrested and face deportation, the church will aid the immigrants in legal matters to help them become legal. I am all for separation of Church and Government, but I do think it is great what these churches are doing. They want to help the less fortunate. Some of these people fled from dire poverty in their countries and most of them are here to attain the American deam and to set up a financial safety net for their families. Many Americans are against illegal immigrants because they think they are taking away jobs from citizens of this country. In my opionion, many of them are willing to do the jobs most Americans feel are beneath them.(Think cleaning services, my parents for years had a cleaning service come in to there home and about 2 or 3 polish ladies admited to being here to work and send money home to their poor families and they did want to try and become legal.) So how do you feel about this?
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@luvandpower (2049)
• United States
15 Dec 08
I believe that illegal immigrants do take our jobs, but before you stop reading just let me also make a good point, and you are right. However, I will have to debate with you that many of them are still taking jobs that Americans would do, if someone was desperate enough( like the immigrants are) then they would also do the job. It is not a matter of if you are desperate enough but a matter of how lazy you are. I will at least give immigrants that much credit, they have guts. I believe in seperation of church and state as much as the next guy, but they should be following their own guidelines, not helping someone who isn't even an actual member, and considering they are illegal they are not members of the church. You may say what does membership to a church mean? ALl it means is that you say "hey I go here" it means nothing else, but it shows your citizenship and your legality in the country also. If an immigrant is going to holler for sanctuary in a church then they should actually attend church, but they can't do this if they are illegal now can they? unless it is an illegal church? Ok I am doine ranting now .
• United States
15 Dec 08
If that were the case and there were those desperate enough to take the jobs, then why do we have so many on government assistance? SOME people are not even trying to get these jobs, or as I said feel it is beneath them *Disclaimer NOT everyone on publice assistance is this way* Sorry, had add that in there. Now I am Agnostic. But growing up as a child I was raised and also attended a Roman Catholic Church and EVERYONE was welcome. Whether they were a member or not. Also I have never heard of a church turning someone away because they were not a member. I was taught(though I do not believe in) was that if they are all God's people they are all welcome in his church. Now when you show up to a church for Sunday Mass you do not have to show a membership card or wear a members only jacket, you just go. So that whole idea of not being able to attend church without proving your legality in the country goes out the window.
@irishidid (8716)
• United States
7 Jan 09
I fully disagree with you. A friend of mine is married to a man from El Salvador who goes on and on about how cheap it is to live in his country. I know a couple who was having a house built in Mexico while they stayed in America to raise the money. These are not needy helpless people.