Do you know any faster ways to earn some extra money on the internet?

December 15, 2008 12:34pm CST
Dear myLotters, I am searching the net for quite a long time for ways to earn some quick bucks,but I have not much idea about these things.I have tried some PTC sites but,they are too slow and don't fit into my scheme as I can't get many referrals.I also tried CIAO but now it has changed its incentive plans too.Now I'm very much hooked to myLot.Its not that I don't enjoy myLot,I spend most of my time in myLot as I just love it.But,still I do want to earn some quick money which requires a little less effort.Can you please suggest some genuine sites and what to do with those sites.Waiting for your response my dear myLotters.....
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