Are you a member of a shrinking site?

Greenwood, Mississippi
December 15, 2008 1:27pm CST
Have you noticed that any of the sites you use now have fewer members than they used to but you're not sure why? Obviously, some sites like Isabelmarco and Crewbux have changed their terms and conditions and scared many users away -- in those cases, it's easy to see why members have left. I'm a member of a site that seems to have been steadily shrinking since I joined it. The site is called Hippie-Chicks, and it's one of the oldest PTRs still around. It's not a big payer so I wouldn't expect it to be hugely popular, but when I joined the site originally I think it had about 800 members. Now it's down to less than 400! Part of the problem may be that if new users opt in to receive the low paying emails they get absolutely inundated -- personally, I don't opt in to those so I just receive a few .1 cent emails per day. Another issue may be that the site's popular PTP feature has changed. It used to have no tiers but now it does and it can't be promoted in many traffic exchanges anymore. I'm rooting for this site to survive, but I think it needs to start growing again if it is to have a future. What shrinking sites are you a member of?
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