pc power consumption

December 15, 2008 2:36pm CST
what is the power consumption of a personal computer,if you include everything monitor ,cpu, speaker etc, i mean it very important to know, i don`t know exactly about how much is it. does it also depends on the type of work you are doing on it.
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@stiener (735)
• Singapore
17 Dec 08
I do not really know the exact amount but it should be around 790kw. I just add the maximum of my power supply plus my monitor to sum up the figure. I use a headset instead of a standalone speaker. I guess that will help reduce power consumption. You are right that we should be aware of how much our PC is consuming and we should always take into account greener accessories that either consumes lesser power or has higher energy efficient ratings. Cheers and Happy MyLotting...
• India
16 Dec 08
yeah well teh biggest power users are the monitor, cdrom and the speakers happy lotting and have a nice day
• Philippines
16 Dec 08
yup, it depends on what your doing with your pc, if it just idle, less consumption you make. components inside your pc are only consuming electricity when they are running. some hard drives have also this kind of principle. one thing to look out for when your concerned with power consumption is your power supply, the higher the voltage, the better. if your power supply is old i suggest you buy the new ones with higher voltage and wattage.