What do you do when you can't sleep?

United States
December 16, 2008 12:20am CST
I unfortunately have been trying to fall asleep since about 10:30 and still have had no luck....tried watching t.v., tried reading, tried praying, tried self relaxation techniques, tried turning the lights, t.v., and everything off and just laying there and now here it is 1:20 am and I am still wide awake.....any suggestions?
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@pryce_mbg (716)
• Philippines
16 Dec 08
whenever i cant sleep, i use those time studying my lessons or doing some necessary things for me to keep busy. sometimes, i listen to musics for it can help me sleep while listening to mellow musics played by any fm stations.
@jcj_111776 (3216)
• Philippines
16 Dec 08
Hi! The only thing that works for me when I can't sleep, is to turn off the lights and make sure there's no noise to distract me. Then I lie in the most comfortable position that I can find and make sure that I don't think of anything else anymore. Usually, the things that goes on in my head is the number one thing that prevents me from having a good night's sleep. I do hope you'll find some other ways so you can have your own good night's sleep.
• United States
16 Dec 08
I have a few methods that I try when I can't go to sleep and they actually work. The first one is that I think about a dream that I'd like to have and while I'm going through scenarios I end up falling asleep and being in the dream. Or, I take a walk outside and that makes me really sleepy because That's what cold air just does to me (it wakes up some people though). But the thing that works for me for sure every time is pulling out one of my old physics books and reading it. It never fails and that's why I still have one after all these years.