Please help me! - I have trouble in fixing my paypal email here!

@srganesh (6344)
December 16, 2008 5:32am CST
Hello friends!I am here in mylot for more than a month.Since I have no credit card,I am in a confusion how to get up with paypal.Reading a discussion here,I came to know that we can link our bank account.I did it so.And paypal has sent me a mail confirming my bank account. But,when I logged in to paypal,I found my status still unverified,since I haven't added any credit/debit card information.Why is it so?Also I can't identify what is this 'paypal email' column to be filled with.Is that the paypal email id PP***,that is in the confirmation email given by paypal?Please help me trouble shooting this issue!Thanks!
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