how to keep on pink cheeks and healthy face

@awissa (69)
December 16, 2008 3:52pm CST
hi all, i'm always wondering, how to keep my cheeks pink, and have a healthy face, to look well. because, i usually look bad and peaked. even if i use blush and other stuuff. but i just wanna get a natural way to get this. may be in food or a kind of sport activity. do you have any idea for that matter?
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@stejhas (209)
• United States
16 Dec 08
I think one of the best things you can do to keep your face looking young is Microderm Abrassion!! - I use the Mary Kay microderm abrassion set and can tell a HUGE difference in the way my skin looks. As a matter of fact, I use all of mary kay's products, but by loyally using the microderm treatment twice a week, the skin on my face is always fresh and smooth... I seldom wear makeup anymore as a result, whereas before I was using the whole works to cover up the inconsistencies in my skin and trying to give my face more life with lots of makeup.
@awissa (69)
• Morocco
16 Dec 08
thanks for the response, but i really don't know this brand of makeup product. and i'm not sure, it's available in our country :-(
• Hong Kong
16 Mar 09
I would suggest you run for 30 minutes each day to improve your blood circulation and that way after a few months, you would be able to get pinky cheeks *smiles*. I used to run around a lot and I got that pinky face *smiles*.