As ozone is a gas, how can a "hole" appear?

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December 16, 2008 8:10pm CST
Analysis has showed that a large area of ozone had been destroyed, as if a giant hand had reached down and scooped it out. To that extent, it makes sense to speak of an ozone "hole", in just the same way as we talk of holes in the ground. So is this something we need to worry about or what?
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21 Jan 09
I began my answer by rating you a plus, so don't think I'm being critical. How can a hole appear in a gas? The same as a hole appears in water. Ever see a whirlpool? Yes, an ozone hole is a possiblility. Particularily over one of the poles of the earth such that the spinning earth could create sort of a "whirlpool" in the gasses. However, like yourself, I seriously doubt there is any serious ozone hole problem. It is most likely all hype that uses a little science fact combined with some imagination, to scare people.
@AlephWren (135)
• Argentina
17 Dec 08
In short words: Chemical reaction. Like something simple as water and oil, in this case, ozone and the other compound. The important thing is the Ozone Layer's hole. Double important is to warn the big companies wich use means to produce their products wich require combustion, and therefore produce a release of a dangerous material wich damages both the respiratory systems and the ozone layer.
@Arkie69 (2156)
• United States
17 Dec 08
Well according to a few rules that govern a liquid a hole in the Ozone is impossible. Air in any form is considered as a liquid. It reacts exactly the same /as a liquid. It will fill all shapes, it will level out on top just like the surface of water and it will flow into a hole that is made in it. The Ozone layer is where it is because of it's weight. If it was heavier it would be down closer to the earth or lighter it would be farther up. If you fire a rocket through the Ozone layer the Ozone will fill back in as the rocket passes through it. Exactly the same as something passing through water but the action is slower. I think some people that are being paid huge amounts of money to research things like this are just doing some guessing. I don't think they have any proof that such a hole in the Ozone even exists. Any gases we produce here on earth are heavier than Ozone and will never rise up to the Ozone layer before they settle back to earth. The Ozone is floating on top of heavier gases.