Has Anyone Ever Actually Seen An Angel?

United States
December 16, 2008 8:20pm CST
I was reading a fascinating book recently about angels. In one paragraph it told about how this bewildered couple in another country, I forget which country now, were out walking when overhead this huge group of angels, talking and laughing, just came flying over them. The angels didn't even seem to notice the couple, although the couple was naturally astounded beyond belief . That made me wonder how many people have actually seen an angel. I don't mean "felt their presence." We all feel their presence most of the time. And one time I even had an invisible encounter with one. I had cataract surgery by a doctor who turned out to be horrible and it didn't go well. My husband, commuting then to keep his job had to live in another state, so I was pretty much alone, since we don't live around family. My husband, while having to live in another state then due to his employment, said he spent the whole night praying that my eye would heal correctly, although we weren't together so I didn't know anything about that then. About 5:00 that next morning, though, I actually felt this huge being lift me out of bed. It was like a child being securely lifted and cradled with comfort and warmth. I was sure I was dreaming but that part felt so real. I felt an incredible and lovely warmth come over my face and my eye and next thing I knew I was asleep. I woke about an hour later, still having that same sensation of being firmly but gently held in some gigantic but soft invisible being's strong lovely arms. I went promptly to sleep again. I woke up about two hours later, in bed and the wonderful sensation of being held gone, but when I opened my eyes instead of the usual cloudy vision I could see everything wonderfully. It was like having developed a bionic eye overnight, when just the day before the doctor who did the surgery had confirmed problems that he said he wasn't sure that he could fix in the end. Still, although I felt all that, I didn't see the angel. That's what I'm wondering. Has anyone here ever actually visually seen an angel? If so, I'd love to know about your experience.
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