Fruit: What is your national or native fruit?

@mces0925 (196)
December 16, 2008 11:17pm CST
Though I am not a fruit eater, I wonder what is your national or native fruit? we all came from different countries right?, my country Philippines national or native fruit is mango. How about your country?
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@annjilena (5620)
• United States
17 Dec 08
i like mango ididn,t like it when i fruit eate this fruit but i kept trying to eat it and now i love it,well as you know we have diferent types of oranges and tangerines and it all
@annjilena (5620)
• United States
17 Dec 08
oh yes welcome to mylot and i wish you a merry christmas
• Austin, Texas
29 Nov 15
Just responded to another discussion asking about the national flower of my country, which I had to research. Then found this discussion and thought to myself – “Some patriot I am! I don't know!” Turns out, the United States doesn't have a national fruit but Florida – which is where I was born - does have a state fruit. The orange. I knew that!
@adhavgeek (252)
• India
18 Dec 08
hi friend i am from india..during summer season,we used to get maximum mango,watermelon fruits..during winter apple,grapes available here..banana is the only fruit available all the native fruit or national fruit i can say apple..
• New Zealand
17 Dec 08
Sometimes I wish we had mangoes in New Zealand. I love mangoes but I rarely it because it's very expensive here. From One average size mango it cost almost $2. I remember when we were living in Fiji where we could 2kgs of mango for the same price. The national fruit for New Zealand is Kiwi Fruit. I like kiwi especially when I can have it with cream. I only like the ripe ones. They look like golden kiwi and they are the best