My cousin's dog love fruits lol..

@j47lee (741)
December 17, 2008 12:01am CST
Same like the kitten likes broccoli... the other day i went to my cousin's house and gosh her dog was incredible lol..She loved fruits lol.. that was soo cute. if u had a fruit bowl in ur hand.. she will follow u everywhere.. lol ready to stand up in its hind legs and beg.. hehehe.. so cute.. thats the first time i'm seeing a dog eat fruits..
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• Philippines
17 Dec 08
well to be honest this is also the first time that i have heard someone told me that she saw a dog eating fruits. it's really odd for dogs to do so. they are more leaning to carnivors than of omnivores thats why they love meat. but then again there are some exceptions right. and your cousin's dog is the living proof of that.