do we really need dress codes

come out to light - this has a pic of  girl in darkness 
and i like the people to see the light of real world
November 8, 2006 11:18am CST
ppl i have been wondering of y the institutions are makeing it compulsary that dress codes are a must for us and my opinion on this regard is arnt we mature enough to decide what should we wear and what not???????? this isnt stupid to control a whole mass under some petty reason of disipline
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@neon2000 (2758)
• Philippines
10 Nov 06
I don't agree to dress code. Only children should adhere to dress code.
• United States
10 Nov 06
Nope I don't think they are wrong. Dress codes are needed because some people dress to loose, some to casual, some not approiate. With a dress code it keeps everyone dressed approiate. God Bless
@srhelmer (7033)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
8 Nov 06
The problem is kids, especially teenagers, aren't mature enough to know what to wear and what not to. They wear gang colors, clothes that are too tight or show too much flesh, etc. And pick on the kids that don't have the expensive name brands (even though they may not be able to afford them). If they were mature, dress codes wouldn't even be discussed.
@fubugirl (912)
• United States
8 Nov 06
Wal-mart is going to a dress code. I work their it will be navy polos with or without Wal-mart on it and khaki pants.