Leisure Suit Larry: Box office bust "Mean Teens"

December 17, 2008 6:16pm CST
From thd days of old, leisure suit larry was the definitive game for hormone eraged kiddies and teens back then. With its mature themes and scantily clad ladies, the title was a sight to see in more ways than one. With the meager success that the last installment brought to the franchise,larry is back and better than ever and is set to infect hollywood with his crass humor and lovable personality in leisure suit larry: box office bust. LSL is an adventure game through and through and in this latest installment, we find larry on a summer job at his uncles movie lot solving puzzles, frolicking with the ladies,and making a complete fool out of himself as he tries to prntect their studio from a rival company who is intent on bringing the larry studios down to the ground. True to its title, this version of leisure suit larry will star some of hollywoods biggest names in comedy namely jay mohr, shannon elizabeth, dave attell, carmen electra, and many more. Adding to the already immersive audio experience is the talent of allen covert, skilled and talented whriter for happy madison productions. However, not all that glitters is gold,but hopefully all these talents and collaborative efforts will equate to an enjoyable game that we all know larry for a recent interview with john melcior, executive producer for box office bust, has said that this game is a total departure from the last game. I think its say that for the first time larry is actually a game with tried and true mechanics and a vision that it catered towards todays gamers. Along with devekopers team 17. Melchior and his crew are confident with the direction that this game is going through and if early reports are any indication, then this definitely wont be a bust but a box office hit. Melchghor was also keen to point out that "there is no nudity in this version of larry, in the old days it was taboo to see nudity in games but now people are just a google search away on the internet, it has lost the cool factor it once had. Market pentration, no pun intended, is very important for all games with censorship issues and with the removal of nudity in the game, expect this to be shipped in countries that the last game was not able to reach. Mature audiences who enjoyed larry antics and misadventures are in for a treat when this game is released in the fall.
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