Borderline: A Full Blast of Guns Galore

December 17, 2008 6:57pm CST
If you havent had enough of the saving private ryan experience you get in most action packed RPG, youll sure be loaded with a lot of adrenaline in this sci-fi adventure from gearbox. Borderlands is an extraordinary cooperative experience. With a support of up to four cooperative players on line, it makes it possible for multiple players to share the same game experience simultaneously while allowing players to freely join or leave each others game at anytime ( dont worry, if you feel like a lone, you can always go single mode). As reported by brothers in arms developer gearbox software made an RPG/ Fps hybrid, somewhat a mix of mad max and diablo. Sounds obtuse? However, if youre a big fan of wars and decadent oasis of technological societies, youd probably enjoy playing this game. It also offers life like character animations and impressive real time physics features for you virtual maniacs out there. Plus, to give you one hell of a ride, the game features customizable vehicles to give the road an attitude. Warheads will also love that fact that it offers over half a million unique weapons. also quoted gearbox president randy pitchford saying "you can take every gun in every shooter in every game on playstation 3 and 360 and borderlands has more. In addition to that,borderlands offers guns that you probably have used in half life or the likes of halos shottguns (if you feel like using them). The deep customization of characters, vehicles,and weapons will more or less give you that MMORpg like addiction that you had with other similar shooting games. Go ahead and get crazy making ridiculous numbers of weapons, armor types, and other object of annihilation for your world domination. Make it an excuse to finally hand those pesky peace loving citizens a chance to be violent even for a small period of time. Now for the bad news, the originally slated 2008 release of this post-apocalyptic entertainment might had some of you excited but according to gamespot, the assumed release of the game would be moved conceivably toward the later end of the year. Oh? Well guess well be waiting just a wee bit longer.
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• Philippines
17 Jan 09
i can see that you are very much a gamer, friend. my sons do games a lot, too. i shared with them just now, this post of yours. i wonder if it will just be available through the internet and without requiring anything more to buy in order to be joining in the party. my son says that if it requires the purchase of a console or anything else, no way would he try it. but if it goes in the internet ready to be tapped by every gamer, they'll give it a try as soon as the game is available already.