did mylot change your life?

December 17, 2008 8:43pm CST
yes it is.. my daily routine was just as easy and simple. go to work, do the chores.read the books during spare time and check emails from friends.. but when i got hook with mylot..i wake up and got off from work feeling excited learning things from discussions.how do people spend there times sharing opinions and ideas, etc either for the smaller amount or gaining friends. and also it helps me improve my english.. so , did and how mylot change your life?
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• United States
18 Dec 08
Mylot is very addictive so this website has changed my life for the good. I feel like my every day conversations are increased due to the fact that I have to think of great answers, replies and topics here on Mylot. I also spend a lot of my time here on Mylot so that's another thing. It's one of my favorite websites. Actually, I come here more then I do myspace. Which is big for me...
• China
18 Dec 08
Yes, somehow, I will spend some time here as soon as I got a chance. But, to be honest, not that much. You may find some interesting things here which you want to do in your own life, but at most of time, you can't. However, that's not prevent you from enjoying yourself here as you can know more about the world through those discussions. Happy mylotting.
@KrauseHome (36752)
• United States
18 Dec 08
Yes, from someone who has been an active member now for over 2 yrs, I cannot imagine my life without myLot. This site has become a very important active part of my life, and I actually look forward to coming home from work each night and relaxing and posting here in myLot as well. For me, it is far from the money. It is making New friends, learning New things, and being able to respond to almost anything as well. Welcome to myLot, and wishing you the Best.
• Philippines
18 Dec 08
Hi chariana!Welcome to mylot!Mylot has really chaged my life.I spend an extra 2-4 hours here everyday to do discussions,post comments and espond to discussion that interests me in this site.I really like it here.You also get the chance to meet a lot of nice,interesting and intellectual mylot users who most of the time becomes your friends.Besides the money that we get from this site,the experiences and things that we learned from other users are very useful and helpful.I really love doing mylot.I hope you also do. HAve a nice day!