Do you ever get tired of defending yourself?

@vivasuzi (4127)
United States
December 17, 2008 11:37pm CST
Tonight I'm thinking, I'm tired of being a vegetarian, or pescetarian (means I eat fish). Whatever it's called. No I don't want to eat meat tomorrow, but I'm tired of terminology. Does anyone on here not eat tomatoes ever? Do you call yourself a tomato-tarian? I guess my problem is that I feel everyone on earth has a unique diet, but people don't want to allow you to use the term vegetarian unless you strictly do not eat animals or animal products at all. The fact is, I don't care if there is chicken broth in the stuff I eat. All I look out for is actual animal meat. I did give up Jello and Gummy bears once I found out what they were made of (mostly b/c it made me sick to think about eating it after I knew). The point is, do you ever get tired of being part of a belief system just because you are tired of explaining yourself? After 10 years of not eating meat, I'm tired of people online and off questioning whether or not I'm a "real" vegetarian. Shouldn't they just be happy that I'm spreading the word to cut back on meat at all? Why do they think that you have to give up everything 100% or else you cannot even participate in using the term? And btw- I'd just like to note that most people I run into on a daily basis assume I'm vegetarian the second I say "I dont eat meat". It's just an easier term to use and easier than spending 10 minutes explaining what I may and may not eat. Plain and simple, I think starting today I might just start saying "i don't eat meat" because I'm just tired of dealing with people who think you are either in or your out of the vegetarian club. Although I don't believe vegetarianism is as black and white as many try to tell us, I do believe it's almost not even worth the hassle to use the term if "real" vegetarians are going to get mad. Seriously, it almost makes me WANT to eat meat just as a screw you to all those "real" vegetarians who can't just let me use the word without yelling at me for it.
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