Ciao and its rating system.

December 18, 2008 12:05am CST
I joined Ciao about a week before they removed the twenty five cents incentive. To be honest, I didn't browse through the site or read many reviews back then, but today I really took my time to do it, and I noticed a few things. First of all, the people writing the worst reviews, seem to be the ones giving the worst ratings, especially to reviews that are somewhat good, or at least better than their own. Second, I've noticed that as soon as this happens, people take their revenge by giving negative ratings to the guy in question. This obviously seems to be turning into a vicious circle, I've seen people voting reviews as off topic, even though the review was clearly a well thought one. I think both the rating system and people's honesty are clearly in bad shape right now. I don't know if it's simple jealousy, or if it's related to the new incentives system. Maybe people think they can fool the system by giving negative ratings to good reviews and thus improve their chances to get the special prizes. Has it always been the same or is it a product of the new system? Do you think Ciao should change some stuff? For instance, by only letting people with a certain community level to vote? Share your thoughts fellows. Rich
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@rberon1985 (5394)
• Philippines
18 Dec 08
Hi.I am also sad with the changes done by ciao.but still write reviews in teh site. I am still happy and contented with the site.they launch a new program called the premium funds, in this program, they will choose a good writer and will get an award.
• Argentina
18 Dec 08
That's not what the discussion is about, I am a aware of the premium funds program. What I'm talking about is the system for rating other people's reviews and users abusing it. Rich
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• Philippines
18 Dec 08
that is vindictive ratings!they are doing that because thar is there source of income. but i don't do that.
@hildas (3031)
18 Dec 08
I took my time to rate a lot today also and everything you say here is so true. I did a review today on a hair product. It was not excellent by any means but theres not much to say about hair products really. Well anyway, most people rated it helpful, very helpful and this guy wrote "off topic". Well I went to look at his reviews and he can hardly write about anything. I was really annoyed. I deleted him out of my friends and I am going to take a lot of these people off the list as you are right, they are giving high ratings to rubbish. I think ciao has made one huge mistake. All the good writers are getting bad ratings. I will give ciao until January and I will see if I stay there. I have not been a member at ciao long either, only around three weeks.