Funniest time you have tripped?

United States
December 18, 2008 1:10am CST
No matter how graceful or careful i try to be gravity seems to always be against me. For example, there was this time i was moving into my dorm and i was grabbing an armload of towels. I stepped back and fell straight on my back with towels thrown all over. Or, there was a time when i was walking down stairs singing...and this is not a joke...brittney spears song "Oop's I did it again" and no sooner were those words out of my mouth then i tripped all the way down the stairs. What times have you tripped that have left you being the butt of jokes?
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@dralon (88)
• Zimbabwe
18 Dec 08
I always trip, dont fall often though (thank God) when i get to a crowded place. You know how it is when you walk into a room, turn around a corner or simply walk into an area where you are the "new arroval". Once one person spots you and stares, the majority of the crwod follow suit. In such nstances i think one of my legs grows longer than the other and every step i take is a mission - wobbling along until i mingle with the group. Its emmbarrasing!
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• United States
19 Dec 08
I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I feel like i am walking with two left feet, and when people are starign at me i become even more self conscious. It really is embarrassing at times, but later i just get a good laugh at myself. Laughter is definitely the best medicine for the heart mind and body...and i try to get a daily does of it :)
@dpk262006 (56756)
• Delhi, India
30 Dec 08
It is nice to know that you have the ability to laugh on your deeds. The one can laugh upon herself, is surely a great person and she does possess a great sense of humour. I have slipped many times over banana peal. Yesterday only, while cleaning my car, I accidently rubbed my shoes on the garbage lying on the road (which I did not notice due to my involvement in cleaning) and felt very embrasssed.