do you trade stocks online, and how are you pleased with the service?

@mazdakid (347)
December 18, 2008 2:41am CST
hi there! most of us can use the internet to make money, not just to goof around with games or internet surfing. some of us do paid blogging or reviews. some do PTCs, PTPs or PTRs. and some of us take advantage of online stock brokerages to trade stocks and make a profit. i am one of those who do PTPs and trade stocks online. i used to be with a former online broker, but i pulled my account there because their systems are so slow and they stick to the T+3 rule (which isn't mandatory in my country). this means that for 3 days, i couldn't trade stocks. this, therefore, means possible losses or lost opportunities to trade! i moved to a new online stockbroker, and i must say that i like their service! their systems are fast. their website is stable (the old one kept going offline, especially when the stock market drops and there is massive stock selling). and they do not have to follow the T+3 rule, which means that if i sell stocks, i can immediately use the funds to buy new stocks within the same day! because of this, i was able to reverse the losses caused by the inefficiency of my old broker. but, thanks to the subprime mortgage crisis in the US and the resulting global financial and economic crises, stock markets plummeted and i got caught in the losses. it was fortunate that i pulled out earlier than the others, who assumed that the subprime mortgage crisis would only be contained in that market. anyways, hopefully the markets would recover by 2009, so that i can use my online broker again and make a profit. =) how about you guys? who among you also trades stocks online? and how happy are you with the service and reliability that they provide?
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