how to properly observe sushi etiquette

@mazdakid (347)
December 18, 2008 2:51am CST
hi to all! although i live in the Philippines, sushi and sashimi are all the rage here and more and more people are starting to become so hooked on these japanese icons. however, since this is the Philippines, most of the sushi etiquette are not observed, either because the diners don't know them, or they think that since this is not Japan, it is not mandatory. i think this can be very offensive, especially if the sushi restaurant's owner is a true Japanese, or if they have a Japanese sushi chef. Japan's society currently operates on a very strict yet widely-observed set of etiquette, which is probably one of the reasons why they are so disciplined and have become an economic giant. anyways, back to the topic, i am a "compliant" person, or what some of you would say a "politically-correct" person, and i would love to avoid offending people from another culture, so i try to observe sushi etiquette. but, the internet has too much articles on Japanese dining etiquette. some are from experts, and some might come from pranksters or expert wannabes. for example, some people say that adding too much wasabi, or mixing your wasabi with soy sauce, can be insulting to the Japanese sushi chef. some say that sushi should be eaten with the rice touching the tongue, while others say that the fish side should be touching the tongue. how about you guys? what are the sushi etiquette tips that you know of and do you observe them? did your sushi chef react like he was offended if you broke some of the etiquette?
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