i was told i am to hard on people..

United States
December 18, 2008 7:25am CST
i posted what my family been dealing with about my brother and dad. dad just had enough of him all together. well dad called me the other night saying he think he was having another heart attack having pain in hi chest and back. after staying with all night and stuff. and finding out he was dealing with issues with my brother again that cause him to stree out. me and my sister decided i should block my brother from emailing or iming dad. i sent him the email saying what me and my sister decided to do. well i was called lot of nice names lol. of course he threaten to report me to socail securty and workman comp for working. workman comp is over, and i am allow to work. but friend of the family think i shouldn't have done that, and i should have left it alone, for my brother to keep bullie my dad and that i was to hard on my brother. so i guess he think i should allow my brother to hurt my dad emotally and i should rub his belly and pat him on the head. not happening i know i am hard on some people, so are you hard on people telling them truth or making your points?
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@liisafiat (660)
• Latvia
18 Dec 08
I did not find anything bad or hard in the story that You wrote here. And defending Your father is more valuable and important, and explainable thing to do than kicking Your brothers belly. Seriously, even policemen won`t take him too seriously, because they will understand Your motives: TO PROTECT YOUR FATHER. Kicking someones belly sometimes can be a good thing to do. In this case, if there is nothing `else` behind the story. Some other likes and dislikes, and history of brother-to-brother relationships. Usually I am kind and soft with other people, but quite often I speak straight in the eyes and tell them what they should not do or should do. And usually it takes quite long time for me to collect the reasons for this type of discussions. So, when I finally speak out- people tend to listen to me. And they know I am right. That`s all.
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• Singapore
18 Dec 08
I am pretty hard on my brother too.I want him to be a better person.I think what you did was right.Your father brought you up,you should protect him.Just my opinion.
• United States
18 Dec 08
that pretty much what we are doing is protecting our dad, he just had a heart attack and triple by pass like three months ago. thank
@suzzy3 (8357)
18 Dec 08
From what you said before and it is still going on I think you have done the right thing. It is alright for other people they don't have to live with it and keep looking after your Dad like you and your sister do, so stick with what you are doing.Your brother will soon disappear and maybe you will all get some peace and your Dad will be able to enjoy his life at last.Merry christmas .suzzy