Can join Neobux or Ara-bux? Can give u 60% of my income!!!!

December 18, 2008 9:10am CST
The best ptc websites till date are are paying their members are neobux and ara-bux. Ara-bux was paying a huge profit, they were paying 0.01 per click and 0.01 per ref click. But their site should sustain, so from dec 26the, the ref clicks rates have dropped to 0.005 per click. Neobux is paying as usual. 0.01 per click and 0.005 per referral click with 2USD minimum instant payout. Ara-bux minimum payout is 10USD. So anybody has not joined this website, then dont miss this opportunity. If you join under me, then I will give you 60% of my referral income generated by you. You can go to my profile and signup. There you will find the link. Suggestions are welcome. Happy mylotting!
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