How do you feel if you wish a person on the road and he refuses 2 reognise you?

December 18, 2008 11:21am CST
Other day i was walking down the road and i saw an acquaintance coming from the opposite direction. When he reched near me, I wished him and waved out. He just looked past me as though i did not exist and kept walking. I turned back and stared at him but he just kept on walking. I was rather taken aback. Two days later i met him at a club and he spoke to me normally as though he has known me for a long time. i remeinded him that we had met on teh road the other day but he said he iid not remember.Strange isn't it? Has it happened with you sometime?
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@checapricorn (16049)
• United States
19 Dec 08
[i]Hi mercury, Ohh...I experienced that before...Mom and I agreed to meet in front of the church in our City..I was walking and ready to cross the street and was looking around but I didn't see her so I decided to just stop by inside the church... It was like 5 minutes already and I decided to go out and check and she was there...I smile and waved at her and she told me that she was there already when I arrived and she smiled at me and she said, I was also smiling! LOL! I told her, I really didn't see her and I asked why she didn't call me or follow me in the church and she said, she was thinking that I needed to be alone for a while in the church to pray! So, it's unbelievable but it happens sometimes! [/i]
• Malaysia
19 Dec 08
hi mercuryman it happened to me many times and many times i have done it too .. sometimes when our thoughts are on something ... when we are thinking deeply .. or when we have problems .. we seem to be "blind" over any other things ... even my husband waving at me , looks like a stranger On some incidents ... i cant really remember the other person .. they are of acquaintance but not a close relation or friend ... sometimes i recognise the face but not the name cheers
@raik02 (78)
• Philippines
19 Dec 08
hmm.. at some point i would think that there would be a reason for him/her to do that. but considering the fact that for many times i have been like that acquaintance of yours uhmm,.. not really exactly like him.. sometimes when i am in a hurry i tend to focus only on the things that i want to do. and because of that i loose recognition over the things that are around me even if they are already at my face. and of course i have no idea what happened. so for me i think it's just normal if there is no reason behind it.
• Norway
18 Dec 08
Well, if that person intended to that, then, i would really feel very bad. Especially if its obvious that he saw and just neglected me or pretended that he did not see me.. But there are really times that even someone you know is just a few distance away from, and you will not notice her because maybe you are busy with something and you really didnt intend to neglect her because you really didnt saw her. And then, she will just tell you after, that youre a snobbed because you didnt even smile at her on that day. I know this thing happens to you, am i right?
@shonali (1286)
• India
18 Dec 08
well i dont think i would bother all that much... i would greet him or her and move on..... ofcourse if its a person whom i know and they dont bother to respond back i give them the cold shoulder next time no matter what reason they give me for their behaviour the next day ..... thats going to be out right insulting.... but at that moment i wouldnt do anything or say anything.... i would just move on and do what i was doing and not bother !! or atleast act like im not bothered !!
• Malaysia
18 Dec 08
LOL!!! many times it had happened to me. Of course I boycotted them till now and its already ten (10) years. Some of them seeking an apology thru third party, I accepted but don't wanna meet them forever. In my opinion anyway, why should they used third party conveyed their guilty feeling and totally not in person to me???. For me, this kind of 'species' are no longer my friends. Better gotta new friends with new life.