I don't like firing people

@cripfemme (7710)
United States
December 18, 2008 6:04pm CST
One of my assistants told me that one of my ex assistants, who also lives in the apartment complex, said I liked firing people. My response to that was, "What?" No, I do not like it. I fired her because, firstly, she tried to kill my cat when she had him over Christmas. Even though I told her he was allergic to cat nip, she gave it to him anyway. Secondly, she broke into my mailbox without my authorization and then got me in trouble with the postmaster. My mother had to pay a fine, and that was not fun. I'm still hearing about that almost a year later. Lastly, she finally got fired when I caught her trying to lie about hours. It should have never gotten to that point. The first thing should have caused me to be done with her as an employee. Richard is a living thing and people need to treat him as such. He is not a pocketbook. So, no, I don't really like to fire people. In fact, I tend to give people too many chances. If you have the power to hire and fire at your job, do you enjoy this?
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• United States
19 Dec 08
A cat that is allergic to cat nip? Wow. I never that could be possible. You are nicer than I. The moment she gave my cat cat nip, she would be out the door that very minute.Thankfully, I don't have to hire or fire anyone.
@baileycows (3668)
• United States
19 Dec 08
I do not have that type of power, but I do not think that I would enjoy it very much. I am to soft hearted to fire anyone. One little excuse about kids not having food and I would feel so bad.
@sanuanu (11235)
• India
19 Dec 08
Wow, after a long long time a boss is saying that s/he doesn't like firing people. After reading this post I am assuring you that people had their own minds. They will do and say as they like irrespective of what your thinking and what your work is. So, as long as you are right, do whatever you want and don't give ear to anyone.