Would u want ur wife to be.....................

@j47lee (740)
December 19, 2008 12:34am CST
Would u want ur wife to be a virgin.. or its ok if she isnt... In my Chinese culture... a girl goes out with the first guy..and marries him.. most of them are virgins in their wedding nite... but then the world is changing.... so wat is ur opinion.. is virginity a big issue..
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@underdogtoo (9589)
• Philippines
19 Dec 08
It might be a bit difficult to find a virgin in today's world unless one is talking about really young girls which might be illegal. I don't think virginity is such a big issue these days
@j47lee (740)
• Canada
19 Dec 08
hmm.. wat i dont understand is... guys want their wives to be virgins... wat abt them?? is that ok if they're not virgins..... it doent seem fair though... :-S
@rajesha20 (209)
• India
19 Dec 08
it matters when u get married to a girl the male expect her to that he is the first person she having relationship msameway to girl too in our place it is a major concern