What can you say about an OC (over compulsive) person?

@manixxx (116)
December 19, 2008 6:16am CST
Recently, i was called an OC by my friends here in Tokyo, for i always comment on something that, for me, is not right or something's wrong about it. i can't help but to react and correct it, and tell to them that it is WRONG! hahaha! well, they said that i'm an OC person. Is being an OC ok? are you an OC person? what can you say about people like that? its ok to have some negative comments. i can tolerate that...;)
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
19 Dec 08
Unless a person is really being over compulsive I do not think its right for anyone to call them that.. Even if they are.. they most like do not want to be called or told they are.. they would rather have someone help them calm down and stear them away from the compulsion... ... My biological sister is overly compulsive alot.. But everyone on this earth gets that way at times over something.. She however deals with it badly under a disorder.. called Obsessive compuslive disorder... She really can not stop or help it.. So when I hear someone call a person overly compulsive and they are not.. I think of my poor sister struggling with that disorder at times, and how hard it is for her to function normally with the rest of people.. and I do not think its right for anyone to call anyone else the name of a mental or physical disability... But if they do.. that is there issue... and its hard at times to understand if a person who does is being serious, playing, joking, negative, or just trying to help you out.. I hope they are trying to help you out.. Nothing wrong with taking breaks and relaxing... if you find yourself getting overly compulsive over something... I know I get that way over a few topics... When I am nervous, scared, anxious, or depressed.. - DNatureofDTrain