Your kid is on hunger strike...........!

@srganesh (6345)
December 20, 2008 1:13am CST
How do you pacify your kid on a hunger strike demanding something from you?He is not adamant in other things.He obeys you,do his duties,no more shouting or screaming or anything like that.He simply refuses to take food unless you meet his demands.Will you give up for him and do what he asks for?Or how will you handle this,anticipating this habit to continue in the upcoming days?Please share!
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@sbhuttan (21)
• India
22 Feb 09
oh thats really a tough topic as now a days kids are getting so demanding day by day not only in their eating habits but also in their dressing sense they want to wear only those cloths which they want to wear and so on. For a while,we can allow them to wear whatever they want but we can not be compromising in their eating habits afer all its a matter of their health. And i think we as parents can care for their health in the best way. so we should always give them nutritious food. but kids think that we are being unfair when we dont give them the food of their choice. but in the situation in which my baby is not screaming or obeying me properly but refuses to take food unless i meet his demand then in any such case i think i must listen to my baby a bit so that he doesnt feel insecure and at the same time i must make sure that this time his demands are fullfilled but next time he would definitely eat whatever you feel is good for his health. the kid should be told that once in a blue moon he could be demanding but not alwys as you care for his health very much.
• Philippines
20 Dec 08
If there is one thing that should be clear here, it is the fact that you are the parent and that giving in to his so called protest hunger strike would probably make him think that he could get away with anything as long as he threatens to go on a hunger strike. I am sure that you had good reasons for not giving him what he wanted. I am not a parent but I know that when my parents refuse to give me something, they had good reasons not to. I suggest talking to him. Explain your reasons for not giving in to him. Kids are very intuitive these days. They will understand if the reasons we give them are clear enough. But if what he wants is really not possible to give, be the parent. They are not the ones who should lay down the rules. At least not just yet! Good luck!