How to treat the former lover?

December 20, 2008 2:34am CST
I will tell all friends in mylot a story of love about me. when i was a sophomore,i was in love with jack who majored in english,he love me deeply......I broke up with him when we graduated from the teachers college. Over the years,we are general friend.we keep in touch on the internet.He works as an english teacher now,and he is married. when he told me that his wife gave a birth to a baby yesterday.I felt very happy or sad,i could not expressed by any words about this emotion.Perhaps,i should give him the best wish. Of course,his wife does not know that we are friend.I have no idea whether will keep in contact with him. Love , a forever topic!let's talk about this theme,how to treat the former lover? Keep in touch with him(her) or forget everything about him(her)?
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• India
20 Dec 08
i think you you should wish him at the presence of his wife.. so that she knows there is no problem there.. only if there is a problem you need to hide it from her.. it will also tell him that you are over him.. and just a friend.. and now a family friend.. past does not matter.. you don't need to mention about dating him until asked.. that's what i do.. you do what requires at that time.. if you still have feelings for him.. it is not healthy.. (and im here for you ..just kiddin!) im sure you will be over him when you find someone again