December 20, 2008 3:26am CST
Yesterday while i am crossing on the road from factory one person met by an accident due to humahead beacuse while crossing the hump ahead he had to slow his vehicle if you go speed out of the limit he can fell down easily from the vehicle. Like that one person came with speed and he fell down from the vehichle while crossing the hump ahead. I had seen him and helped hime i had stopped my vehicle and i took the person who is injured and took him to hospital by auto and some persons also advised that why you are taking risk, he told i had also done like you, but came police complaint and most of the trouble i had faced. Like that it should not happen for you. For the good purpose i am requesting you to help not in the way but in other way who is injured and who is unable to work and he cannot do anything in life due to injured.
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• India
21 Dec 08
will do happy lotting and have a nice day
• India
20 Dec 08
My Dear Friend, Police are very lazy and neither help nor aware for public because they have a permanent job. You had done very great job in vision of that injured person, in your self and in God. You like man alway respected and dear in the vision of God.