what is the best scar remover

December 20, 2008 2:22pm CST
I have a scar on my leg and i got it when i was a child. I got it from an insect bite and scratched it to relieve the itchiness that i feel. Until now im 22 i still got it. It is just small but it really bothers me. Whenever somebody looks at my legs i feel conscious. Do you kow an effective scar remover? Im really desperate and turning to be hopeless because they say old scar can never be removed :(
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@3cardmonte (5098)
20 Dec 08
it cant be that bad,its only bite sized. You will not be able to completely remove it now as you waited so long,but palmers scar serum will help,its thick gloopy and it smells,but it will help.
• United States
20 Dec 08
I was going to say palmers as well. I use the cream for my hands since they get so chapped in the winter. Have you tried that Mederma? I know it's expensive but not sure if it works. I would stick to the Palmers though, it's like the brand I trust for skin. Even if you have to, try the cream as well, I know they have fragrance free which I use.
20 Dec 08
I havent tried that one,ive tried palmers,bio oil and one I sent off for from a magazine ( I forget the name) I am very clumsy so I get cuts and burns all the time! For scars though, I use cocoa butter and the scar serum,cocoa butter helps to get rid of scars anyway.
• Philippines
21 Dec 08
where could i buy palmers and cocoa butter? do you think it would be removed even if its old?
@iamsolucky (1242)
• Philippines
22 Feb 09
try olive oil every night, apply oilve oil to your skin particularly that part. Olive oil has been effective for treating my marks in my tummy because of tight garters when i was overweight way back 2006 and 2007. Now i am happy with the results, i used to have marks like i have a garter line, its brown and i dont like it because it doesnt look good wearing a swimsuit. Its lighter now and when not staring much, you can see traces of marks anymore. Thanks to olive oil, i love it happy mylotting!