haters what's wrong with them?

@ekimflow (121)
United States
December 20, 2008 7:52pm CST
what's wrong with haters?why do they go out of their way to spew their hate at others?do they just not understand other people,are they jealous of others because of what they have,did someone do something to them to make them mad,don't they understand the pharse people that live in glass house's shouldn't throw stones.or like the one about the kettle calling the pot black, or the best one"every time you point a finger at somebody three others are pointing back at you!or like timothy albe said "if somebody saves your life does it matter if they were happy?" and he should know as he lives way up in northern alaska.why can't we all just get along? i mean why hate someone just cause their a little different than you, for all you know if you just get to know them and try to accept them they might just turn out to be one of the coolest,nicest friends you ever know!
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