love is good

December 21, 2008 12:28am CST
to love and to be love is the best a person will have in a relationship which comes in vain
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• United States
23 Dec 08
Love is the only thing that can trump all other desires. Even the power of greed.
• United States
22 Dec 08
Being loved is the best feeling in the world by my opinion. It can be a pleasure coming home every night to the person that you love or the person that loves you. It can also be a waste of your life if you're unsure of the person you say you love. First thing to do if you know you love somebody make sure that person loves you back. One thing I know is the person you like will always leave you for the person they love. Unless, of course, the person they love is you.
@xayuk69 (267)
• Malta
21 Dec 08
Love is a very wonderful thing and I think the most important in our lives. To love and feel loved is the best thing in life ,even though love sometimes brings some hurt with it ,it is such a wonderful thing.
@wheel416 (1019)
• Canada
21 Dec 08
In my opinion, love is the very essence of who we are. Love is the reason for our existence. If we existed only for material things life would be empty. It is the people in our lives that are important. It is those that we love, which makes all of the rest bearable. Money, a career, at home and material possessions, have no meaning unless we have someone to share them with. As human beings we're social beings and need to be with other people. That some may prefer to be away from others in solitude for a short period of time, is common but to live in solitude over a long period, is unusual. So, although it may sound like a cliche, I believe that love is what makes the world go round. Welcome to Mylot and happy posting!
@bombshell (11265)
• Germany
21 Dec 08
love is so powerful
@maean_19 (4659)
• Philippines
21 Dec 08
Loving and to be loved back is one of the best things in life. There may be times that when you love someone, it carries with it some pain and hurt. After such pain and hurt, we come to rise again and be ready to fall again. To love is a wonderful thing that would come to one's life, it is also wonderful when said love is returned. For now, I can say I am loving and being loved.