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December 21, 2008 4:00am CST
My cat sheds a lot of fur and my family is quite allergic to this... How can we prevent this from happening or do we just put up with it...????
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@wmg2006 (5383)
• United States
25 Dec 08
Cats do shed no matter what you do. I work at a cat sanctuary and they seem to have the problem sort of under control. They have 187 domestic cats and they use a brush from petzoom. This special brush gets very close to their skin and lifts the loose hair out before it can go flying into the air. Of course the long hair cats shed more and have to be brushed more often. Take a look at the many different type cats they have and you will believe this brush works. They also keep the long haired cats shaved in the summer, this helps the cats and keeps the shedding down tremendously. I know some of the real shedders are on different diets than the others. A little oil in their diet helps calms some of the shedding too. The shaving of the cat surprised me, but it really does work. The cats don't seem to shed much in the winter so you only really need to shave them in the hotter months. Hope tis helps some.
@Loverbear (4928)
• United States
23 Dec 08
Unfortunately cats shed. With wearing that much fur they are destined to shed. They usually have two major sheds a year. One in the spring when they are getting their summer coat and then again in the fall when they are preparing for winter. Other than finding a cat specific hair net, your best bet is to brush the cat. Or, if the cat will tolerate it, you can vacuum the cat. (I had a cat that loved to be vacuumed! I never had cat hair in the house from that cat!!!) One thing that I do when I brush them is to brush the fur against the grain. It helps get the hair closer to the skin loosened and caught in the bristles of the brush. You might want to check with the pet stores and see if there is a spray that will limit the shedding...kind of like a kitty hair spray. You might also consider something like a doggie suit (one of the dog catalogs has jogging suits that cover them from the neck to the tail and it goes down the legs.), it would contain the hair in the fibers of the clothing and then you can toss it in the washer and dryer to get the hair out. One other thought, and that is if the cat is shedding excessively there might be something medical wrong. I know right now that my four cats aren't shedding at is a thought. I also will check my vet books to see what they have to say about the situation.
• United States
23 Dec 08
Cats shed, it is just part of their nature. Some cats shed more than others and I think it just depends on their type of fur to determine how much they shed. Cats also shed differently depending on what time of year it is. They also change their coats for the seasons. I do not think that you can stop a cat from shedding,but you can do some things to reduce the problem. You could take the cat to a professional groomer. You could also comb them. I have found that this has helped quite a bit with my cats. There are special combs that are supposed to reduce the amount that your cat sheds, but I am not sure that they really work. Best of luck with your kitty!
• United States
22 Dec 08
I have a cat that sheds alot to. I am not allergic to it, but my son is. We actually have to brush her about 5-6 times per day like the other gentleman suggested. I know my vet mentioned getting one of the hairbrushes that gently vibrates as it is going thru the fur to get even more loose fur out, have not found that yet, but maybe your vet could give you some ideas to.