Prince of Tennis (Kaidoh's Single Moment)

@meipan (746)
December 21, 2008 5:01am CST
I didn't own Prince of Tennis Kaidoh's Single Moment by: meipan a.k.a. alabmemei A girl fell down on the floor because someone pushed her, fortunately Kaidoh, one of the Seigaku's regular tennis player. "Hey," a cold voice from Kaidoh just to warned the 3 bad girls. The three girls ran faster when they saw his scary face. "Are you alright?" He asked but he was surprised when he saw her smiling at him. He began to blush and then ran away. He went to the Tennis Club however on his way he got wet because of the open hose. When he entered in the locker room, he take off his T-shirt and threw away. He went in the front of his locker and got the key on his pocket. "Eh?" He reacted when he didn't touched the key on his right pocket so he tried on his left side. "Yoh!" "His eye balls moved sidewards just to saw who's came in. "Are you the only one here?" She asked smilingly. "The girl a while ago..." He thought. "Uh?" She reacted when she saw him half naked. Kaidoh noticed it. He made an action and search for a clothes that was near to him to cover his body but only a racket was there to his side that would saved him in this embarrassing moment. He got it as fast as he could to cover his chest. "You dropped this," she said with a sweet smile then threw the key. He caught and recognized it. When he looked up to say thank you, the wind was the only there to embraced his voice.
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