I received best response...What is the importance of it?

Saudi Arabia
December 21, 2008 10:12am CST
I received a best response and I was happy learning it...But am wondering what is its significance to us? Does it have an effect to our earnings? If it has an effect, what is its range? Though I noticed I earned a little higher than the usual and before I received a best response. I would be more encouraged to discuss and response more in the future. Hope you would advise me what to do how to earn more here other than those usual posting of discussions, responding and having a best response?...Everything would be deeply appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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• India
9 Jan 09
"Adding an additional income for best responses", I really deny this statement. because, - I made the response for particular discussions on monday - I will not login to myLot for four days till friday. - When i login to myLoy on satusday, i found that the earnings credited for monday in my account, and there is no earnings for tuesday,wednesday,thrusday and also for friday - The said response has been marked as best response on wednesday. Incase if the best responses has been given you the additional income means that, i supposed to get some earnings should get creidted to my earnings on wednesday know..?? But nothing has been credited to my account on that day. So, It is very clear that, you will be getting any additional earnings for your best responses. This is only the additional recognition to you given by myLot as like as the Star Rating. Hope now will be clear about this.. Have a good day.
• Saudi Arabia
12 Jan 09
Your point has been taken. Thank you for sharing your observation and experience with regard to the discussion. While reading your response and the other responses on this discussion, I was left to think possibilities why the additional earnings was not credited on the day you mentioned. The response was made on Monday and said response was marked as BR on Wednesday and you resumed mylotting on Saturday. For sure, it is impossible that your additional earnings should be credited on Monday. Since you did not logged in on Wednesday and no certain post that day, it may be possible that your extra earnings from your BR might have accrued on Saturday when you actually resumed from posting. I am not saying that you are wrong, but am also laying another possibility here. Again, thanks for responding.
@maean_19 (4660)
• Philippines
7 Jan 09
Receiving a "Best Response" I think and based on my experience may earn you an extra cents. Am not quite sure how much will be added but it is encouraging and overwhelming enough to make your efforts appreciated. Another significance of having a "Best Response" other than an extra earning on your part, it gives the discussion starter the benefit of reducing his/her unresolved discussions. Keep on posting responses if you can't start a discussion, perhaps you may have another "Best Response" again...Happy mylotting!
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• Saudi Arabia
9 Jan 09
Hi maean_19. Thank you for responding. I learned something from your opinion.
@owlwings (42076)
• Cambridge, England
21 Dec 08
I believe that Best Response does have an effect on both our earnings and our Discussion Rating. To what extent, is anyone's guess. We are not supposed to discuss the machinations of the earnings system, so it's not appropriate to say exactly what I think here. Best Responses (so long as they are earned honestly) are to be applauded and sought after. I try to only give BR where it is really deserved and, at least, one of the best answers to my discussion. Often many people answer with equally good and different answers. I sometimes feel it would be appropriate to award more than one 'Best Response' and, in those cases, I tend to give pluses to those that answered well and do my best to award BR on a random basis without favouritism.
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• Saudi Arabia
1 Jan 09
Hi owlwings! Thank you for responding. I get your pointers there and I learned something. It is true that I have earned some extra on my "best response". With this, If I do have time to spend here on mylot, I would take the chance to give a response with substance. Am glad someone who is a veteran here in mylot shares her/his thoughts about the topic. Again, thank you and Happy mylotting!
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