do you need closure?

December 21, 2008 10:15am CST
Do you think you still need to have a closure when you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend? If yes, why do you think it is necessary?
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@skaterx (530)
• Finland
21 Dec 08
Because it clears things up so you can make a new begining. You have to kinda finish up loose ends and make sure both parties know why the relationship needed to end, and then move on.
@wheel416 (1019)
• Canada
21 Dec 08
Well, I suppose that could depend on what your definition of closure would be. I think if one is ending any relationship whether it be a friendship or an intimate relationship we should always take the time to look back and use the experience as a learning opportunity. For me it would be important to see where my relationship went wrong, what things were actually positive in the relationship, what were the problems that I had a part in, and finally what things were primarily the other person's responsibility. By looking back on a relationship that did not end well, hopefully I can learn from my mistakes and not repeat them in the future. Also, I think it is important to take some time and space between relationships, so that you have an opportunity two learn from your past mistakes and to find if who you are as a person. I firmly believe that before anyone can be successful as part of a couple they need to know who they are as an individual first. So yes, I believe reflection or closure as you called it in our relationships that ended badly is essential for me to learn and grow a person. Of course, ultimately in the hopes that I will have a better relationship in the future. That's just my opinion. Happy Mylotting!