What most mylotters think???

December 21, 2008 2:03pm CST
Our parents are the best friends of our lives. I feel my life blind without them. Guys I don't know if I am stupid or extra emotional, but whenever i think that one day will come when they wont be with me anymore, i feel like mad and can't stop my tears. why this happens. why we have to loose someone whom we love so much? But today lets talk about a totally different matter. I want to ask you something. Tell me, Whom do you love most? your mother or your father? just tell me the answer, don't tell me why?. let us see what most my lotter friends think (well, actually those who respond to my discussion think :P). I will count the responses. And please also write your gender with your response. We can also find out the ratio of who loves whom. son loves fathers most or daughters love mothers most or is it the other way round. I know we all love both of our parents equally and I earnestly am not comparing them but you know, I just want to see what we say when we are asked to choose one. Please do share if you care.
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@rajesha20 (209)
• India
22 Dec 08
thats sure the best and great friends are our parents the only reason is that they given birth to u sme way they know the best in the world
• Bangladesh
22 Dec 08
Thnx for your sweet thoughts Rajesha, but you didnt tell me whom do you love most. so its both of them, right ??? That makes, mother - 1 Father - 0 Both - 2