Microsoft highlights: Windows platforms to become history...

@Khayam (346)
December 21, 2008 4:08pm CST
The technology is developing too fast for Windows platforms to catch up and to remain stable and trusted. In this context, Microsoft pointed out at Midori, the nominated heir of Windows' binary empire, which would have nothing in common with XP, Vista, NT or 98. It will mutate the concept of OS-operating system with 360 degrees. Midori would have a virtual machine architecture, able to instantly connect to the Internet and recognize any possible hardware configuration. In this context, each device/perypheral won't come with drivers, the software won't be installed in the computer but run directly on virtual memory in Internet - allowing Microsoft a huge control over the software piracy processes. Arguably, the new virtual machine will be compatible with all old programs ever created by mankind. Do you think this mutation of the current Microsoft operating systems would affect you?
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@prajnith (942)
• India
23 Sep 09
I heard that midori will be subscription based os, do you have any information on that?? One thing for sure this Os will change the way we use our PC and daily internet activity..
• India
22 Dec 08
hmm tht would b interesting and it wold aslso be dictatorial its liek one person ruling it all unfair happy lotting and have a nice day!
• Philippines
22 Dec 08
I'm an application programmer, hence, I don't think it will affect my work in a significant way, if at all, it will make my job easier, because peripheral support will be abstracted even more. I would guess, that it will affect the jobs of system level programmer or device level programmers, because they would have to deal with the microkernel now, instead of the usual API's exposed by the device. I like the idea of controlling the software piracy process, people should pay for software if they use it, if they don't like to pay for operating system or any other software, they have to do so using legitimate means, may be look at open source software -- it will have it's own pros and cons, of course. happy lottin, thanks.