Are you a hardcore anime fan?

December 21, 2008 4:21pm CST
Some anime organizations and forums think there is little difference between the people who call themselves hardcore fans and those that classify themselves as amateur fans. Is a hardcore fan someone who knows everything about one particular series and has all the memorabilia sound tracks and posters or is it someone who has seen a wide spectrum of anime? I have been having debates with extreme naruto fans who know everything about this series to find out what a hardcore fan is and they say they are hardcore fans yet naruto is hardly a ground breaking anime in my opinion. Whereas Ive seen maybe around a hundred anime and know a moderate amount about each one and have a variation of posters and memorabilia from many titles and studios. Some argue that watching hentei,yuri,yaoi makes you hardcore also though I don't know if this is true also. I would hardly consider myself a hardcore fan or expert on anime though and consider myself to be a moderate fan. What about yourself?What do you classify yourself as?
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@darksorrow (4667)
• Bangladesh
22 Dec 08
Well i will also call myself a moderate fan. I watch anime for fun not to make myself some kind of hardcore fan or extreme As long as i am having fun i am ok with those titles.
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@shinsuke (81)
• Canada
21 Dec 09
I consider myself a moderate fan, since at any one time I have to have an anime to watch... I also buy little merchandise, like the rings from KHR, haha I read fanfics too, but not much I'm not a hardcore fan since I don't cosplay and I've never been to an anime convention in my life XD
@allynar (70)
• Romania
6 Mar 09
I might say I'm an hardcore anime fan,because till now I saw very much anime in fact,anime and documentaries is all I want to watch at tv or on the internet.In fact you could consider me an anime encyclopedia!
@poohgal (6847)
• Singapore
13 Jan 09
I am like you. I like to watch a variety of anime. However, there are some anime which I like so much that I will watch a few times ie. FMA, Gintama, Fruits Basket and etc.
@daijean11 (211)
• Philippines
5 Jan 09
i think "hardcore anime fan" means that a person is TOTALLY into it... ..i was once like that..i collect things with pictures of anime characters or symbols on it..i don't care if it's a plastic of junkfoods or something that any other people would think a junk, as long as it has those pictures, i will collect it..sometimes my nephew would rip them secretly(he just like to destroy things) and when i found out i would hurt him but my parents would scold me and all i can do is cry. ..and also, when my parents won't allow me to watch anime(they say that it's not good for me) i would go wild(yes, wild!..i would throw/rip anything that i can see..LOL)..but now, i think they're tired of stopping me from watch anime so they don't do it anymore..^.^ i'm really addicted to anime before but now i watch it for fun..i don't collect anime stuffs anymore but i'm still into it..i could watch anime the whole day and my ears would move(like in animes..but not literal) when i hear the word anime or any titles/songs of, i think, i'm in the middle of moderate and hardcore..^.^v
@diansinta (7549)
• Indonesia
5 Jan 09
hi chaobreeder16, I am a moderate fans of anime and cartoon, I have respect western cartoon ; like Tintin and Asterix too. I have a 1/2 poster of Kenshin Himura the Samurai-x though.. he is my hero. lol Happy posting always!! oxox'dian from bali island